Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination Move Time
1 Xavier Woods Sheamus Damien Sandow Superkick 00:08
2 Rusev Sheamus N/A Counted 11:19
3 Damien Sandow Zigzag Sheamus Brogue Kick 15:07
4 Darren Young Zigzag King Barrett Wasteland 29:43
5 Zack Ryder Zigzag Alberto del Rio Superkick 30:05
6 Big E Sheamus Michael Tarver 1.9 35:59
7 Alberto Del Rio Sheamus Michael Tarver 1.9 37:02
8 Michael Tarver Zigzag Kofi Kingston Boom Drop 40:55
9 Kofi Kingston Sheamus N/A Counted 42:44
10 Oliver Neville Zigzag N/A Accidentally hit by Marius with a steel chair 43:10
11 King Barrett Sheamus Thoruf Marius Full-nelson Slam 51:39
12 Thoruf Marius Zigzag Sheamus Two Brogue Kick 67:42
13 Sheamus Sheamus Dolph Ziggler Zig Zag 70:09
Winner: Dolph Ziggler Zigzag N/A N/A N/A

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