TCW is a fiction wrestling company founded by the Din Family

History Edit

It begins Edit

Asheel Din I & Jay Din made TCW after they noticed that a lot of young talent were not being singed by bigger promotions. Asheel Din funded the project, meanwhile Jay Din booked the shows. The first talent to get a contract was Asheel's nephew, Christian Din. The second was Terry Blake Jr of the Blake family who was jobless at this point due to TWE closing it's doors. Asheel and Jay's mindset was to have TCW be full of young stars and people looking for a second chance. Johnny Bravo was the next person signed by Asheel Din. This move was criticized since Johnny Bravo was not considered a great wrestler and annoying by many fans due to his WWE Run. Asheel didn't listen and personally signed Johnny, offering him a second chance at a career. Jay Din announced that Titan Blake, Forest Griffin, Quinton Rampage Jackson and Tyson Stone were their next signings. Asheel Din then signed their first batch of women (Or Vixxens), They were Jill Valentine, Laura Croft, Shayne Daniels & Kyla Brooks. Laura and Jill's signing were seen as good pick ups. The two were the biggest veterans on the roster, minus the two owners. Jay then got his friend, General Iroh, to agree to be a commentator with himself (Despite, Iroh working for other companies.) Jay also enlisted former Stablemates Ken masters & Emma Frost to be road agents. TCW's first show in June was approaching. They announced that Staples Center in Los Angeles, Ca would hold the show. They had 19,000 tickets, but only 4500 people bought tickets. This can be pinned on fans not wanting to spend money on a show without major stars. In an effort to boost ticket sales, Asheel announced the signing of Ed, Edd and Eddy. There was a minor boost, but it wasn't halfway full. Asheel then announced the signing of Drake & Josh, but got nothing in return. Jay announced the last of his signings and the ticket sales were only at 9600. Asheel didn't want TCW to get off to a bad start and be a failure, so he made a call two weeks before the show. The next day he announced the signing of TJ Dettwiller. The world was shocked that TJ was returning to the ring. This major buzz was able to sell out the rest of the arena and begin an age of success.

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