Total Championship Wrestling, or TCW for short, was a fiction wrestling company. Founded by the Din family in 2010, the company was one of the most important and prestigious wrestling companies in existance. Contributing to the creation of events such as the first cross-over pay-per-view Best In the World in 2013, the Fiction Wrestling Awards, and such, Total Championship Wrestling is considered to be one of the main forces behind the period of renaissance for fictional wrestling. The company closed its' doors in 2015.

Company's history Edit

TCW was first born as an idea in late 2009. The two minds behind its' creation, Asheel Din I and Jay Din. created the concept of TCW in order to give independent talents the spotlight they believed they deserved. Asheel I provided most of the funding in order to acquire the necessary assets and to sign the talent: Christian Din, Asheel's nephew, Terry Blake Junior, Johnny Bravo, Titan Blake, Forest Griffin, Quinton Rampage Jackson and Tyson Stone, Jill Valentine, Lara Croft, Shayne Daniels, and such composed the first batch of TCW wrestling talent. Through their connections, the Din brought General Iroh on-board to commentate for the company. TCW held its' first show at the Los Angeles' Staples Center in June 2010. With the addition of Ed, Edd, Eddy, Drake and Josh to the roster, as well as the in-ring return of TJ Dettweiller, managed to sell out all 19,000 available places. The show was a success, enough to truly launch TCW in the world of fictional wrestling as a valid company.

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