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Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is a Demon Weapon and a main character from the Manga/Anime Soul Eater. As a Demon Weapon, she possesses the ability to transform into a weapon that can be used by a Meister, in her case Black☆Star.

In the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse, Tsubaki is a professional wrestler currently signed to Cultural Evolution Wrestling, Northern Carnage Wrestling, WCW: Showdown and GAIA Women's Athletes.

Background Edit

  • Series: Soul Eater
  • Species:
  • Age: 17
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Billed from: Death Weapon Meister Academy
  • Debut:
  • Companies: (Currently) NCW, CEW, WCW: Showdown/NXT, GAIA (formerly) CXWE
  • Allies: Kotonoha Katsura (girlfriend), Korra, Black☆Star, DXP, Jesse Alvarez
  • Rivals: Velvet House, Lillian House, Jazz Fenton, The Four Horsewomen
  • Twitter: @TheSecondStar

Wrestling CareerEdit

Northern Carnage Wrestling Edit

Partnership With CXWE (2013) Edit

Midcard (2014–2015) Edit

Feud with Four Horsewomen (2016) Edit

World Women's Champion (2017–present) Edit

Championship Extreme Wrestling/Cultural Evolution Wrestling (2014 – present) Edit

Tsubaki along with majority of the CXWE roster resigned for the newly created CEW (self-entitled CEW: Reborn). She is shown to be currently teaming up with Ninja Gaiden's Momiji as the two formed a Tag Team.

WCW: Showdown Edit

GAIA Women's Athletes Edit

Personality Edit

Personal Life Edit

In Wrestling Edit

The majority of Tsubaki's moves are lucha-inspred. Unlike the lightweight luchadors, however, she is capable of taking big hits, get back up, and hit back harder, and doesn't shy away from using hardcore maneuvers.

Finishing moves Edit

  • Starbreaker (Double Knee Facebreaker)

Signature moves Edit

Nicknames Edit

  • "Demon Shadow Weapon"

Managers Edit

Entrance themes Edit

  • "Resonance" by T.M. Revolution (NCW; 2013 – 2016)
  • "Resonance" by Nathan Sharp (NCW; 2017 – present)

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Northern Carnage Wrestling Edit

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