The Twinleaves

Handsome + Awesome = "Hawesome"

The Twinleaves are a Fiction Wrestling tag team consisting of Barry and Kenny from the Pokemon franchise (specifically, the anime). They currently compete in Character Championship Wrestling (CCW). They are also members of the Rookie Revolution.


  • Formation: CCW Year 1
  • Companies: (Currently) CCW
  • Series: Pokémon anime (both)
  • Combined weight: 421 lbs.
  • Status: Active
  • Allies: Nico Robin (girlfriend (yes, both of them)), NexGen, Rookie Revolution
  • Rivals: X-Factors, Cereal Killers, Forces of Nature


Character Championship WrestlingEdit

In WrestlingEdit

Double team finishersEdit

  • Pokémonstrosity (Palmer Bomb (Barry) / Diamond Dust (Kenny) combination)
  • Spiritombstone (Springboard Somersault Spike Kneeling Reverse Piledriver)

Double team signaturesEdit

  • Barry Turnbuckle Powerbombs an opponent into a Rope-Aided High Kick to the back of the head by Kenny
  • Catapult (Barry) into a Forearm Smash (Kenny), knocking the opponent backwards, followed by a Slingshot Elbow Drop (Kenny) onto the opponent draped over Barry's knees
  • Double Hip Toss followed by a Double Back Handspring into a Double Eye Poke to a seated opponent
  • Kenny holds a rope-hung opponent by the upper body for Barry to execute a High-Angle Senton Bomb
  • One Twinleaf Cartwheels and Back Handsprings into a Back Rake onto a cornered opponent who is being pinioned by the other Twinleaf
  • Two Piece (Aided Rolling Cutter)

Barry's finishersEdit

  • Palmer Bomb (Gory Bomb)

Barry's signaturesEdit

  • Barry Barrage (Multiple Elbow Drops followed by a Jumping Elbow Drop)
  • Jumping Corner Splash
  • MMMBop (Superkick, with theatrics)
  • Platinum Blonde (Wrist-Clutch Fisherman Driver)
  • Super Sit-Out Suplex Slam

Kenny's finishersEdit

  • Diamond Dust
  • DP Driver (Double Underhook Brainbuster)

Kenny's signaturesEdit

  • Front Missile Dropkick from the apron to an opponent outside of the ring, usually near a barricade
  • DabChop (Knife Edge Chop, with theatrics)
  • Robin Lock (Inverted Indian Deathlock Facelock) - adopted from his girlfriend Nico Robin
  • Sinnoh Blaster (Full Nelson lifted and dropped into a Flapjack)
  • Spinning DabFist (Spinning Back Fist, with theatrics)
  • Super Swinging Neckbreaker


  • "The Twinleaf Trainer" (Barry)
  • "The Twinleaf Coordinator" (Kenny)
  • "The Real Blond Bomb Suck It Kennelly" (Barry, as a dig at WWE: Animated Superstar TD Kennelly)
  • "The Orange-Eyed Delight" (Barry)

Entrance themesEdit

  • "Generation Me" by Dale Oliver (CCW Ozone 32 CCW Ozone 38)
  • "Dance Away" by Damn Valentines (CCW Ozone 39 - CCW Ozone 45)
  • "Touchin' on My" by 3OH!3 (CCW Regal Rumble - present)
  • "I Can Do Anything" by 3OH3! (Barry's singles theme; CCW Regal Rumble - present)