A part of the UCA tradition since near the very beginning of the company, the Royal Rumble match was inspired by WWE's creation of the same name and use of the match itself and was started back in 1990 for UCA. Since then, 24 editions of the Royal Rumble Match have taken place in UCA, and it has become a very looked forward to event for the company. The winner of the match is given a World Title shot at the main event of Final Clash, UCA's biggest PPV, and at least 70% of the winners have gone on to win the title at that year's event. Agent Tex is the only winner to not recieve a World Title shot at Final Clash due to being run over before the event.

List of Royal Rumble WinnersEdit

Year Winner Number Won From
1990 Bugs Bunny #17
1991 Leonardo #21
1992 Sonic the Hedgehog #25
1993 Spider-Man #13
1994 Mario #15
1995 Aladdin #5
1996 Son Goku #25
1997 Son Gohan #8
1998 Wolfgang #30
1999 Spongebob Squarepants #25
2000 Red #1
2001 Cloud Strife #8
2002 Jackie Chan #13
2003 Gold #3
2004 Invader Zim #11
2005 Blue Oak #28
2006 Red #27
2007 Scourge the Hedgehog #20
2008 Agent Tex #25
2009 Naruto Uzumaki #25
2010 Takuya Kanbara #13
2011 Master Chief #29
2012 Shadow the Hedgehog #15
2013 Matt Ishida #2

Royal Rumble Records and FactsEdit

Record/Fact Name of Wrestler/Number Statistic
Most Royal Rumble Wins Red 2 Wins
Most Elimination in Single Rumble Jecht 13 Eliminations
Most Eliminations Overall Shadow the Hedgehog 45 Eliminations
Number That Has Produced Most Winners #25 5 Times
Longest Time Lasted In Rumble Red in 2000 65 Minutes, 33 seconds
Shortest Time Lasted in Rumble Kevin in 2006 5 seconds
Longest Royal Rumble Match 2006 68 minutes, 14 seconds
Shortest Royal Rumble Match 1991 49 minutes, 47 seconds
Person Who Has Eliminated Himself Most Times Crash Bandicoot 3 Times
Amount of Times Rumble Winner Has Not Won World Title at Final Clash 6 Times 1996, 1998, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2012

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