WWE: Animated, formerly WWF: Animated, is the flagship show for World Wrestling Entertainment's Animation Division. At first a 1995 one
Wwe animated logo by kingofmyonetrueworld-d5hwuvl
night special, Animated was brought back in 2001 as a permanent weekly episodic television show, showcasing WWE's Animation Division talent. Broadcast on Spike TV (then TNN) in its initial run, the show was moved to USA in 2005 after WWE and Viacom went their separate ways. Reruns of Animated also run on Universal HD and mun. Currently, Animated is broadcasted in 60 different languages, and numerous intergalactic languages to accommodate the different peoples of The Fiction Wrestling Multiverse.



WWE Animated has used "Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson as the theme since May of 2003, making it the longest lasting theme of any wrestling show currently. The current theme song is untold since Animated 2.0

The show is produced in over 60 languages and broadcasted on hundreds of channels across The FWM.

Since February 2014, reruns also appear on the WWE Network with its own pre-Show and post-Show.

The stage of the show is the current HD stage since July 2012 that is used for Raw, Smackdown, Main Event and Superstars. In PPV, the set is the stage that was used on Raw 1000 except Wrestlemania.

On-Air Personalities

Authority FiguresEdit

Authority Figures Position Date Started

Date Finished

Vince McMahon CEO, Chairman 1980
Triple H

EVP Talent Live Events, COO

July 2011
Thomas Wayne "TW" Blake GM of Animated N/A
Iroh, Tarble and Vegeta Commentators N/A
Goofy Ring Announcer November 2001

Current ChampionsEdit

Title Image Current Champion Date Won Alignment
WWE World Heavyweight Championship
WWE Toon Women's Championship
WWE Toon Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Toon Tag Team Championship
WWE Toon Intercontinental Championship
Mr. Money in the Bank


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