World Wrestling Television

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Federation Name World Wrestling Television
Abbreviation WWT
Weekly shows Monday Night Collision
Major PPV Televmania(March)
Time open January 2006- Present
Owner Mr TV
Commentators Mr Comanator, Desire, Sandy Cheeks
Federation type Angle federation
Head Booker Danny Phantom
Pay-per-views Monthly
Base New York City

The World Wrestling Television (WWT) is a Fiction Wrestling Federation that opened January 2006. The Federation is in the ownership of Mr. TV. In the federation, TV characters fight as a wrestlers. The WWT runs a weekly show: The Monday Night Collision, formally the Monday Night Program.


The Federation created at January 2006. After one month of shows, Spongebob Squarepants established himself as the main Babyface. It was during this time when Gaara of the Sand, sitting in front line with his brother Kankuro as a favor for his sister Temari, challenged Spongebob for a match. Spongebob laughed at first, but after a match, he found out that Gaara was serious after he attacked Spongebob post match. The two were set to meet in two weeks to detrmine the first WWT Champion. During that time, the feud got intensified after Temari refused to support Gaara because of his actions. Gaara brought Kin Tsuchi as his valet to replace Temari. During the match (Where Spongebob suffered Concussion), Gaara used the belt to pin Spongebob. Gaara celebrated with the title afterward, only for the referee to DQ Gaara after he found out about the belt. Spongebob refused to win the belt by DQ. That was a last-minute decision, because the company just got a television deal. Therefore, at the first Monday Night Program, Mr. TV announced a World title tournament. Gaara and Spongebob reached the finals at Televmania, where Spongebob won the title. Then as of August 2014, the name changed to "Monday Night Collision"

Titles, Achievements, & PPVsEdit

Title Wrestler Previous Wrestler
WWT World Championship Naruto Uzumaki Danny Phantom
WWT Television Championship Patrick Star Timmy Turner
WWT Womens Championship Hinata Hyugga Gaz
WWT Tag Team Championship The Angry Beavers Zaku Abumi and Dosu Kinuta
Pay Per Views
Month Name
January WWT Rumble
February Lock Show
March Televmania
April Spring Brawl
May Cartoonland
June King of the WWT
July Grudge
August Summer On The Beach
September Unforgiven Shows
October Tension Show
November Channels War
December End Show

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