WrestleWars III, also know as WrestleWars 2015, was a wrestling event that occured on Octoebr 8th, 2015 near

WrestleWars III
"Face to Face" by Remains of Jade
"World War III has arrived"
Promotion NCW
Brand(s) Prime


Date October 8, 2015
Venue Odeum Expo Center
City Villa Park, Illinois
Attendance 4,800
Buyrate NONE
Pay-per-view chronology
{{{lastevent}}} WrestleWars III NCW Three Year Anniversary Show
WrestleWars 2015 chronology
WrestleWars 2014 WrestleWars III WrestleWars IV
Chicago, Illinois. Produced by Northern Carnage Wrestling, WWIII is often considered a low point in the companies history for it followed the NCW Drought and was streamed online and later released on DVD instead of being aired on PPV.




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