The XCW World Television Championship, also commonly referred to as simply the XCW Television Championship, is the secondary championship title in Xtreme Cartoon Wrestling.


The Television title was first won by Tai Kamiya in a Four-Way Ladder match including Luigi, Spike Spiegel, and Arthur Read. He lost it after Luigi defeated him on a Massacre show in February after Tai got brutalized by Garfield. He kept it until Bugs Bunny won it the day after March Majesty and legitimized the title as the XCW World Television Championship. Claude Speed defeated Bugs and Arthur in a Triple Threat match at Endgame.

The current champion is Arthur Read, who defeated Claude Speed in a First Blood match at Heatwave in Speed's hometown of Liberty City.


# Wrestlers Reign Days held Location Successful defenses Event Notes
1 Tai Kamiya 1 35 Brooklyn, New York 1 XCW Year 1 January Week 1 Won in a Fatal Four-Way Ladder Match also including Luigi, Spike Spiegel and Arthur Read to become the first champion.
2 Luigi 1 Hillwood 2 XCW Year 1 February Week 2
3 Bugs Bunny 1 Shugazoom City 0 XCW Year 1 April Week 1
4 Claude Speed 1 Dimmsdale, California 2 XCW Endgame Won in a Triple Threat match also including Arthur Read.
5 Arthur Read 1 Liberty City 2 XCW Heatwave Won in a First Blood Match.