Allan Percy O'Riley (born September 16, 1988) is an American professional wrestler, who is currently signed in World Wrestling Entertainment under the ring name Xavier Creed. He is Big Show's current Tag Team Partner, capturing the Tag Team Titles Twice and is the current champions in their third reign. He formerly works in independent promotions, under the ring name Awesome Kiddo.

Early lifeEdit

O'Riley was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1988. O'Riley graduated on Harvard University, on 2008. While still attending at Harvard, O'Riley started training professional wrestling in 2009.

Professional baseball careerEdit

Before deciding to train professional wrestling, O'Riley plays baseball on Harvard. Although he played on all teams, he didn't have join in a team permanently. As a child, O'Riley is a huge fan of wrestling since at the age of 7. He said that his favorite wrestler is the Big Show and Diamond Dallas Page.

Professional wrestling careerEdit

Training (2009-2013)Edit

Whille attending Harvard, and after getting recovered from an injury on baseball, O'Riley get interested in wrestling. O'Riley was trained by professional wrestler, Shawn Michaels. He wrestled on training schools, as well as training in street wrestlings.

Independent circuit (2013)Edit

O'Riley started wrestling on independent promotions under the name Awesome Kiddo. He wrestled in Chikara for two months, and TNA for six months. Thought he wrestled there for eight months, he never get involved in any feud as well as not challenging for any titles. However, in July, he became the TNA Champion after defeating Consequences Creed until it was captured by Creed again in August.

World Wrestling Entertainment (2013-present)Edit

NXT (2013)Edit

On October 7, O'Riley signed a developmental contract and was assigned in WWE NXT. He made his debut under the ring name Xavier Creed defeating Seth Rollins on October 25. He and Big E Langston defeated Leo Kruger and Rollins on November 17. Creed, accompanied by Langston at ringside, defeated Kruger in a singles match that is being accompanied by Rollins on November 26. Creed's feud with Rollins continues, while Langston began a feud with Kruger. Creed suffered his first loss in NXT after losing to Brodus Clay on November 30 following distraction from Rollins and Kruger but Langston attacked Rollins and Kruger instead, but was attacked by Clay. Then Clay joined Rollins and Kruger's feud with Creed and Langston. Kidd then defeated Rollins in singles match on December 8 and joined Creed and Langston's feud with Rollins, Kruger, and Clay. This led to a six-man tag team match on December 15 in a winning effort after Creed hit his finisher to Kruger, Pepperoni Pizza (frog splash). Rollins' team demanded a rematch, with Kidd's team is victorious. Big E, Creed, and Kidd now formed a stable called "E Creed Kidd" while Rollins formed a stable called "Rollins Army". E Creed Kidd defeated Rollins Army on December 24, and won a rematch the next day. Creed and Kidd was scheduled to face Clay and Kruger but it was reported that Creed was now drafted into the main roster.

Intercontinental Champion (2014)Edit

Creed made his main roster debut on January 6, defeating Luke Harper and won the Intercontinental Title. Harper demanded a rematch, but failed to capture the title on January 10. Creed defeated Harper three times in a title-match on January 20, 21, and 22. Creed defeated Rusev in a singles match on January 25. Creed suffered his first man roster loss to Harper on January 31 in a non title-match. Starting from that loss, Creed's misfortunes began peeling up. He loss to Harper three times on February 4, 5, and 6 in a non-title match. He loss to Rusev on February 10, he was unable to win Royal Rumble 2014 as we was eliminated by Erick Rowan. He also failed to defeat Titus O'Neil on both Raw and Smackdown, losing nine times on February 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 losing via pinfall on 20 and 25, losing via counout on 21, 23, and 28. And losing via disqualification on 24, 26, and 27. Then Zack Ryder captured the Intercontinental Title to him on March 6. On March 10, Creed won against Rusev with some help of Big Show. Backstage, Show said that Creed was his son, and that he will never leave Creed alone again. Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio the next day. This led to a tag team match with Creed and Show picking up the victory.

The Unicorns and WWE Tag Team Champions (2014-present)Edit

Following the New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston)'s attack on Xavier Creed on July 1, 2014, Ryback came to save Creed and beat down Kofi Kingston, with Big E through the announce table. After this, on July 7, the next day. Kingston and E challenges them in a tag team match with Ryback and Creed picking up the victory. The next day, the New Day demanded a rematch and win via disqualification, after Dolph Ziggler came and attack E with a steel chair. This led to a 2-on-3 Handicap Match On July 10, with Ziggler, Creed, and Ryback picking up the victory. The next day, Ziggler and Ryback copy Creed's outfit. A lightweight gray zip hoodie with a design of a unicorn of it with Ziggler, himself, and Ryback riding it. A skinny jeans matched with a white rubber shoes and black headbands with unicorn horns with it that can be light up and called themselves "The Unicorns". On July 18, the Unicorns defeated Brodus Clay and Tensai in another handicap match. After winning the match, they announced that they will be a new rule. The "Unicorn Rule" meaning that the trio can compete in a match that never be considered as a "handicap". They also announced that they followed the Freebird rule. 

In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves
    • ​As Xavier Creed
      • Shining Wizard - 2013-2014; as a signature move thereafter
      • Unicorn Senton / Beautiful Senton (High-angle senton bomb, with theatrics) - 2013-present
      • Blast from the Past (Missile dropkick) - 2013 (only used twice); used as a signature move thereafter
  • Signature moves
    • ​As Xavier Creed
      • Alabama slam
      • Brief Kick / Missile dropkick
      • Diving crossbody; from the second rope
      • Diving falling powerbomb; from the second rope
      • Diving leg drop; from the second rope
      • Manjimutt's Special (Uppercut on the back of the opponent's head, with theatrics)
      • Springboard knee drop
      • Springboard seated sentom
      • Unicorn Time (Rolling thunder clothesline, with theatrics)
  • Entrance Themes
    • Goodnight by Stephen Farrelly and Prince Devitt (2008-2010)
    • Unicorn Time by CFO$ (2011-2014)
    • The Rainbow of the Unicorn by CFO$ feat Dolph Ziggler (2014-present)

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